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Statement Regarding Bird Monitoring at U.S. Bank Stadium

More information will be available when the study is finalized in 2019

A report of incidental findings from one fall migration season at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis has received significant media attention both in Minnesota and nationwide, and several headlines have focused on the conclusion that this building is the biggest killer of birds of any building in Minnesota. It is not possible to make this conclusion based on intermittent monitoring with no direct comparisons for the same time period at other buildings. It is important to clarify that this effort is in no way affiliated with a scientific study to be led by Audubon Minnesota in collaboration with Oklahoma State University and the University of Minnesota which will be subject to peer review prior to publication, a process that will ensure the highest possible transparency, validity, and credibility of the study.

The Minnesota Sports Facility Authority, the Minnesota Vikings and Audubon Minnesota continue to work on this plan, and these efforts have been positive and collaborative. We will have more information when the study is finalized in 2019. 

Read more about the study being conducted by Audubon Minnesota. 

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