The Wabasha Bottoms project area sits just south of Kellogg, MN.

The forest here consists of two major project areas:

One of the units is quite diverse with oak, hickory, and walnut trees being crowded by Silver Maple trees. Within the first unit, nut and other “mast” producing trees will be released from competition from Silver Maple trees so that they may grow more vigorously.

Within the second unit, large diameter Silver Maple trees currently dominate the forest canopy. Trees here are healthy, but nearing the upper end of their life span. Mature Silver Maple will be harvested by cutting small gaps into the canopy in order to allow enough light to hit the forest floor and grow new trees.  

Funding would be provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund, McKnight Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Aveda Corporation.

How you can help, right now