This project is underway on both the north and south sides of the Root River near where the river crosses HWY 26 just south of La Crescent MN. 

A variety of plantings and timber stand improvement type work is taking place across this tract of land In total, approximately 76 acres of planting and improvement work will take place on this tract by the fall of 2017.  Other work done on this project includes:

  • 8 acres have been planted with cottonwood pole cuttings
  • 11 acres have been chemically and mechanically prepared for a spring 2017 bare-root planting of 7,200 tree seedlings
  • 13 acres have been prepared for an under planting of potted trees
  • 18 acres have had timber stand improvement work performed to release Swamp White Oak trees that were planted on the site in 2010
  • 20 acres will be managed for natural tree regeneration and partially planted in an attempt to allow nature to plant trees for us

Funding is being provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund, McKnight Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Aveda Corporation.

How you can help, right now