Richmond Island sits in the Mississippi River just south of Trempealeau, WI. The island currently provides good upland habitat including many oak trees valuable for wildlife food production.

Invasive shrubs, trees, and Reed Canary Grass have begun to invade the island. In total, 9.6 acres of invasive species work will be conducted on the island coupled with a US Army Corps of Engineers tree planting in fall 2017 to reforest gaps in the canopy and help maintain forest cover on the island.

Most notably, we are attempting to thin a stand of invasive Black Locust Trees, eventually eliminating them from the site. Managing locust can be quite difficult as it tends to florish when cut. 

Funding will be provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund, McKnight Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Aveda Corporation.

How you can help, right now