Bird-Friendly Communities

Benefits of becoming a Bird City

10 reasons why!

Become a Bird City -- 10 reasons why!

  1. Community Pride: Present a positive image appealing to residents and visitors alike.
  2. Conservation Reputation: Grow your community’s environmental reputation by participating in this state-wide conservation program and displaying your Bird City status proudly.
  3. Tap into Tourism: One in four Minnesotans considers themselves a birdwatcher – part of a $40.1 billion dollar annual industry in the US.
  4. Ensure Ecosystem Health: Wild birds pollinate flowers, disseminate seeds, and help keep insect populations under control. Robust, diverse bird populations reflect the underlying health of the ecosystem in which they – and we – live. What affects birds affects people too.
  5. Family and Friends: Birds can be seen almost anytime, anywhere, making them a perfect gateway to the natural world. Finding birds is a great way to get out and explore new places with friends and family.
  6. Experience Nature: You’ll be amazed at all the other things you see and experience while you’re out! Birds help open our eyes to the diversity and interconnectedness of nature.
  7. Human Health: Outdoor recreation reduces stress, improves creativity, increases fitness and promotes social connections and community pride.
  8. Help the Environment: Improving wildlife habitat for birds helps countless other species including plants and pollinators.
  9. For People: Build community spirit and involvement, foster partnerships and make your community a nicer place to live.
  10. For Birds: Incorporating the needs of birds in community planning helps birds survive and thrive whether they are residents or the briefest of visitors.

How you can help, right now