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Katie Burns

Katie Burns

Katie Burns joined Audubon Minnesota in January 2015 as Outreach Coordinator. Her leadership in the area of outreach supports Audubon’s mission through community engagement activities and events, focusing on environmental education, conservation and restoration of the ecosystems we share with birds and other wildlife. Audubon Minnesota’s Outreach program offers businesses, schools, churches, community groups, and individuals with opportunities to make a difference and support Audubon’s initiatives in a variety of ways.

Katie came to Audubon with more than 6 years of experience in environmental education from The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota. She has experience in event planning, project development and volunteer program management in the non-profit sector. Katie enjoyed 6 years of conservation and population medicine field research working with local, state and federal agencies with project focus on grassland bird species distribution and habitat preference in South Dakota, flying squirrel and elk population studies in the Black Hills of South Dakota and surveillance studies for avian influenza and Newcastle disease in migrating waterfowl throughout the upper Midwest.

In her free time Katie enjoys cooking, visual arts, birding, working with her horse, running, nature photography, camping and essentially any warm weather outdoor activity.  She will do just about anything for Coca-Cola in a glass bottle or peanut butter cups and loves to eat breakfast for dinner.

Favorite Bird: Burrowing owl

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