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Protect Birds and People from Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning can be easily prevented

The Proposed Rule Change

The DNR proposes requiring all hunters to use only nontoxic shot on wildlife management areas (WMAs) within the farmland zone. There was a 60-day public comment period that ended Dec. 11, 2015 and a public forum held March 10, 2016 at the DNR headquarters in St. Paul. Now, it's up to the DNR to make the right choice. 

In the News:

It's time for the DNR to ban toxic lead shot, Star Tribune, by Deborah Reynolds and Scott Lanyon

DNR wants limited ban on lead shot some hunters opposed, MPR News, Matt Sepic 

Lead ammo debate heats up, Star Tribune, Tony Kennedy

The Impacts on Birds and the Environment

Audubon has worked for decades with a wide range of conservationists, including hunters and wildlife advocates, to ensure the health of birds and ecosystems. Audubon supports the proposed DNR rule change because lead is poison and as conservationists, we should all be working to remove lead from the environment.

• Lead is toxic to both birds and people.

• Scientific evidence shows that more than 100 species of birds are poisoned every year by lead ammunition.

• The establishment of nontoxic shot zones has been shown, by scientific research, to radically reduce the number of bird deaths from lead poisoning.

Learn more about the proposed rule change and why it's a step in the right direction. 

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