Bird-Friendly Communities

What You Can Do

All windows are different and solutions must be tailored.

Now that you know why collisions happen, you can:

  • Identify your most problematic windows
  • Find the best solution for each

All windows are different and solutions must be tailored to the problem, the window, and your tastes.

In general there are some helpful things to bear in mind:

Habitat plays a role. Backyard habitat is a valuable gift to wildlife. Just remember the need to protect the birds you attract from the dangers your windows pose. See Feeder placement.

Outside is best. In general, modifications to your windows are best made to the outside surface where reflections are most prominent. See Surface treatments; Cords, strings and ribbons, and Screens and netting.

Activity peaks. Collisions can occur at any window, any time of day and year. Problems peak with bird activity. In some places that’s migration; in others it’s increased feeder visitors.

Glass attack. Some birds attack their own reflection repeatedly, usually from the window sill. This is a different problem – territoriality – best subdued using screen, tape, or window film. See Birds attacking your windows?

How you can help, right now