Bird-Friendly Communities

How Bird City works

Bird City recognizes and supports bird-friendly communities. Better for birds, and people, too.

By offering public recognition for communities that fulfill specific best practices, Bird City encourages the planning and creation of Bird-friendly Communities.

To become a Bird City, communities must: 

  •  Complete a checklist documenting actions they have taken to meet 7 of 18 Best Practices  in 3  categories (Habitat improvement, Threat Reduction, Citizen  Engagement). Each best practice can be fulfilled with one or more actions.
  • Pass a resolution recognizing a day of their choice as International Migratory Bird Day and host a public event to celebrate the day.

  • Submit application materials, supporting documents/photos and an application fee ($200).

  • Bird City communities receive a mounted plaque, a 3’ x 5’ flag and two 18” x 24” road signs featuring the Bird City Minnesota logo.

Please contact us if you are interested in applying to be a Bird City. 

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How you can help, right now