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Rebecca Field

Rebecca's Favorite bird: Wood Thrush

Rebecca Field has enjoyed watching and learning about birds since she was a young girl growing up in South Dakota.

Rebecca has been a community volunteer serving on numerous boards , including The Ripley Memorial Foundation which funded women’s and children’s causes, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Planned Parenthood of Minnesota,  the Abbott/Northwestern Institutional Review Board (IRB), and the Allina Executive IRB Council advocating for patients’ rights in human research, as governed by federal regulations. 

Rebecca is an avid wildlife photographer with a specialty in bird photography.  Her images have been widely published and are often used by conservation and education organizations, both within and outside of the U.S.

She received her B.S. in Psychology from San Francisco State University. She worked for 13 years as a paralegal in major San Francisco and Minneapolis law firms before briefly attending the University of Minnesota Law School, but her 1981 marriage to a widower with three teenage children took her down a different path. 

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