Suzanne Blue

Suzanne's favorite bird: American Crow.

Suzanne Blue is a self-described “river rat,” growing up on the Mississippi River in Red Wing. “Our family has always had boats and I was often in them,” she says. From that interest in the river, she became involved in river conservation issues, eventually serving for 10 years as a Commissioner to the Minnesota-Wisconsin Boundary Waters Commission. About a decade ago she attended a birding event in Lake City on Mothers Day and was amazed to notice for the first time the variety of birds present. She returned to her nearby cabin and discovered the same diversity of birds that she had never really seen before. The experience was an epiphany for her. Since then, she and her children have gone birding on Mother’s Day. Today Suzanne serves on the Boards of the National Eagle Center, the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance, the State Historical Board and the Red Wing Area Fund, and is an annual participant in Red Wing’s Christmas Bird Count. She is President and Owner of Studiwheat, Inc.

Favorite Bird: the American crow “because of their sense of humor, socializing, and hearing them ‘talk’ to each other,” she explains.

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