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Marshbird Survey Volunteers

This page is for volunteers of the Minnesota Marshbird Survey
For more information, visit the Minnesota Marshbird Survey main page or contact Kristin Hall

Volunteers are conducting surveys on predetermined routes on two to three dates this May and June. Surveys will be completed in early mornings or late evenings, typically lasting 2-3 hours each. Routes consist of 5 to 10 survey points typically spaced 400 - 800 meters apart and often covering multiple wetlands. At each point, surveyors use both passive listening and broadcast calls of target species to solicit bird responses over a 10- or 11-minute period. Surveyors will take data recording each species of marshbird detected during each interval at each survey point. 

This survey requires some advanced skills relative to other volunteer-based surveys. Observers must have good hearing and know the target species by sight and sound. Volunteers must have good navigation skills, be physically fit for off-road hiking, and take detailed data records. The ability to enter data online data is a huge plus. 

Read results from the 2016 Marshbird Survey. 

Additional Resources:

The survey will focus on six species: American Bittern, Least Bittern, Pied-billed Grebe, Sora, Virginia Rail, and Yellow Rail. Data will also be collected on a set of secondary species; see a full list of species here. Or return to the main Marshbird Survey page

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