Joel Dunnette

Joel's favorite bird: Red-headed Woodpecker

Joel Dunnette has been a leader of Zumbro Valley Audubon in Rochester since its formation 30 years ago. He is currently serving as president again, but has also been VP, newsletter editor, field trip chair, and prairie and outreach committees leader. Joel’s special interest is involving people with nature through interactions with birds, butterflies, and native plants, especially prairie plants. He leads the Project BirdSafe effort in Rochester, and is a leader in local prairie management and restoration. Joel retired in 2005 from IT analysis and middle management at a large institution, in part so that he could spend more time with nature-oriented activities. He has a BA in chemistry from Macalester College and a MS in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where he first was exposed to prairie management. His goal in serving on the Audubon MN board is to continue to expand our connecting people with nature.

Favorite bird: red-headed woodpecker

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