Sue Swanson

Office / Finance Manager

Sue grew up on a large dairy farm in central Illinois. She spent summers of her teen years working as a counselor at a camp in southern Wisconsin which was run by her grandmother. She graduated with a BA degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL and has lived and worked in IL, WI, IA and MN. She came to Audubon Minnesota in June 2010 with a strong interest in non-profit accounting and 15 years of experience at the Southwest Area YMCA in Eagan, MN.

Sue enjoys gardening, hiking, traveling, The Minnesota Orchestra, and WI Badger football and basketball. Her favorite part of vacations is finding state or county parks to hike and explore wherever her family is visiting. She loves getting out of the city and into the country where she is continually awed by the beauty in the variety of landscapes and wildlife she encounters.

Favorite bird: Black-capped Chickadee.

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