Tim Schlagenhaft

Red Wing Community Conservation Coordinator

Tim joined Audubon Minnesota in January 2013, after a 24 year career with the MN Dept. of Natural Resources. With a B.S. in Water Resources from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and M.S. in Wildlife/Fisheries from Texas Tech University, Tim’s education and work experience have focused on fisheries and aquatic ecology. He served as Area Fisheries Supervisor in Lake City and more recently as Mississippi River Planning Director, where he helped develop strong partnerships to improve habitat on the Mississippi River. He is familiar with the habitats and rhythms of the Mississippi River and uses this knowledge to address the many critical issues facing this magnificent resource.

Tim has worked extensively with state, federal, and local partners on habitat restoration projects, including water level management and island restoration. These projects have greatly benefitted fish and wildlife, especially birds, along the Mississippi River corridor.  He serves as Audubon’s Community Conservation Coordinator, based out of Red Wing. Tim will continue fostering and building upon the strong partnerships committed to restoring habitat on the Mississippi River, with a focus on Important Bird Areas in the reach between Hastings and Red Wing.

Favorite bird: Ruby-throated hummingbird

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