Jan Green

Jan's favorite birds: Wood Warblers

Jan Green has been involved with Audubon since 1960. She has served as chair of the Duluth Audubon chapter and was an Audubon National Board member in 1987-1990. Her conservation activities have focused on bird distribution, abundance and habitats with an emphasis on land use and northern forest policy. She has written several books including Minnesota Birds: When, Where, and How Many with R. B. Janssen; Birds of the Superior National Forest and Birds and Forests: A Management and Conservation Guide. Jan has served on many DNR advisory committees, especially for endangered species, forestry and Scientific and Natural Areas. For over 10 years she was a member of the Minnesota Forest Resources Council. Other board memberships include: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, MN chapter of The Nature Conservancy, Minnesota Ornithologists' Union, Seventh American Forest Congress, and St. Louis County Planning Commission. Currently she is on the board of Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, which she helped establish in 1972 and the Town of Duluth Planning Commission.

Read about Jan in the Nov-Dec 2014 issue of Minnesota Conservation Volunteer.

Favorite birds: wood warblers

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