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Many birds are killed or injured in collisions with buildings.
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Why Lights Out?
Most birds migrate at night and can be drawn off course by tall, lighted structures in their flight path. Many birds are killed or injured in collisions with buildings or drop from exhaustion after circling them, reluctant to fly out of the light. Lights Out programs can dramatically reduce these collisions.

In Minnesota
Our Lights Out program has been ongoing since 2007. It is supported by both Building Owners and Manager’s Associations (Minneapolis and St. Paul) and by the individual building staff that makes it happen every spring and fall.

Around the Country
We work with, learn from and support a number of other cities around the country that are also working to reduce night lighting through Lights Out programs. For more information on Lights Out programs across North America, explore this interactive map.

Save money, save energy, save birds! Lights Out is good for business and is an initiative to be proud of. Lights Out media often highlights participating buildings and corporations.

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