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Find an injured or dead bird?

How to handle injured birds.

If you find an injured or dead bird, you can make an important contribution to Audubon Minnesota's conservation work by submitting the information through D-Bird. Read more about D-Bird at the bottom of this page

What to do If a bird hits your window and is alive, but dazed: 

  1. Pick it up and place it in a paper bag or small box with a lid.
  2. Put the container in a dark, quiet place, away from pets and children, close the door and leave the bird alone for 20–30 minutes.
  3. If you hear it scratching around in the bag or box, it’s probably time to release it outdoors.
  4. If the bird is injured, please take it to a wildlife rehabilitator. In the Twin Cities, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville treats injured birds.


Help researchers track where injured or dead birds are being found. 

D-Bird is an online crowd-sourcing data collection tool designed by New York City Audubon. It allows you to make your observations count and allows us to get a better picture of incidental-mortality birds killed or injured in window collisions outside of our limited monitoring research. Periodically, Audubon Minnesota staff will analyze these reports and work to integrate and relate these results to existing Project BirdSafe research.

Visit to submit a report

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