Bird Conservation Regions

The Blueprint for Minnesota Bird Conservation is divided into 4 geographic regions.

The Blueprint for Minnesota Bird Conservation is divided into four geographic regions:

  1. Tallgrass Aspen Parkland (PDF)
  2. Prairie Parkland (PDF)
  3. Prairie Hardwood Transition (PDF)
  4. Boreal Hardwood Transition (PDF)

These regions comprise the four major ecological zones of Minnesota and correspond to the Ecological Classification System of Minnesota which is used extensively by the Minnesota DNR and other natural resource practitioners.

These regions are very similar to the North American Bird Conservation Initiative’s Bird Conservation Regions. More info on how these zones and regions overlap is contained in the individual Region plans.

The Blueprint for each region includes:

  • Overview of the region including avifauna, landscape features, and management issues and opportunities
  • List of Highest, High and Moderate Priority birds in the region
  • Assessment of monitoring efforts currently underway for the highest priority species and recommendations for future monitoring
  • Identification of:
    • Target Conservation Species in the region
    • Stewardship Species that should be primary targets in the region
    • priority habitats on which to focus conservation actions
    • habitat protection and restoration goals in the region
    • habitat management considerations for the highest priority species
    • Important Bird Areas to target conservation actions by Audubon and our partners

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